Urban Roof Top

You’ll be so chic at your rooftop urban wedding! Do you consider yourself a city-dwelling hipster? Are you and your affianced constantly riding the cusp of the trendy, urban curve? If so, an ultra-chic city wedding might be just your scene. Traditional churches and backyard nuptials are out of the question for you, so plan on becoming man and wife on a skyscraper rooftop deep in your favorite metropolis. You’ll be in the thick of the city, but in your own private space — plus, it comes with a fantastic view.

Reserve an urban loft for the reception, and your friends will be talking about your sleek style for years to come. Even for the hippest among us, trends can be hard to follow. As with fashion, fine food tends to change with the season and the year, so the butternut squash tartlets that are popular in April will be as passé as pigs in a blanket come your December wedding date. To solve this problem, hire (or at least consult) a chef who’s familiar with the latest in haute cuisine.