If the idea of big, white dresses and sugary, sweet wedding cake makes you shudder, you might find inspirations off the beaten path.

In fact, what gives you that bridal glow might be what makes others shudder! Sure, some might find it kind of creepy to exchange vows surrounded by carved pumpkins or sylized skulls, but for a creative couple with a wicked sense of humor, a macabre wedding theme can be light, festive and – believe it or not – fun!

Love Halloween? Really dig that Mexican Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos)? If you have tastes that run a little dark, this theme might suit you perfectly. Plan a fall wedding, preferably in late October or early November, to correspond with Halloween or the Day of the Dead. For Halloween-themed nuptials, incorporate festive accents like Jack-O’Lantern table markers and a bouquet made from orange tulips or pansies. Day of the Dead celebrants should showcase vibrant colors in the decor, as this holiday is incredilby rich in color. It’s also about tradition, family, and having a good time–not unline a wedding.