Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been performing weddings?

We have been in business for almost ten years and have performed weddings for couples all over the area.

Where do you perform weddings?

We currently perform weddings in the following areas: Erie, PA, Pittsburgh, PA, Cleveland, OH and Buffalo, NY.  Our service area is always growing as we add more officiants to our team.

Can we personalize our ceremony?

Absolutely!  Working with a Weddings by reverie officiant and using our Ceremony Creator you will develop a ceremony that reflects your personalities, beliefs and relationship. After your draft is complete, your officiant will work with you to make sure your ceremony is just right! We will work with you until you have the perfect wedding ceremony of your dreams!

How much do you charge?

Our rates depend on the date and location of each wedding, and typically start around $400 for a traditional wedding ceremony. Additional information is available on our Pricing Tab. To get an exact quote for your wedding contact us to check our availability.

Do you charge separate travel fees?

No, all travel is included in our package price.  However, if you have selected a venue that does not offer free parking you are responsible for paying for your officiant’s parking. For destination weddings and weddings outside our service area, overnight accommodations may also be required.

Will you come to our wedding rehearsal?

Yes, for an additional fee, provided one of our officiants is available.  We contract ceremony rehearsals separately from weddings because most couples don’t need an officiant at the rehearsal.  A rehearsal involves practicing waling in and walking out, but not the actual ceremony.  We provide all couples a Rehearsal Guide in our Client Portal. Wedding Coordinators & Planners include the rehearsal in their fees.

If I still want an officiant from Weddings by reverie to do my rehearsal can I book it now?

If your rehearsal is on a Monday through Thursday then you can sign the additional contract at any time.  If you require a weekend rehearsal, they are booked closer to the wedding based on our availability, and may be performed by a different officiant if necessary.

Do you perform same sex weddings?

Yes! We work regularly with LGBTQ couples and are happy to marry any couple who wants to get married!

We are already legally married but haven't told people. Can you still perform a ceremony?

We do this for a lot of couples. It is not legal to perform a fake ceremony, so we just need to see a copy of your marriage license/certificate in advance of the ceremony. Nobody will know the difference, unless you tell them.

My fiancé and I have different religious backgrounds. Are you able to marry us?

Yes, we can create a customized ceremony for you that blends your faith traditions while remaining true to both.

We don't want to mention God/religion in our ceremony. Are you able to do that?

Yes, all of our officiants are ordained, non-denominational ministers and perform both secular and religious ceremonies.

We would like to have a religious ceremony. Are you able to do that?

Absolutely! Since our officiants are non-denominational, we are able to work with you to create a unique ceremony that is authentic to you and your beliefs, whatever your faith traditions include.

Can we involve our children in the wedding/ceremony?

Yes, in our Ceremony Creator we give you several ideas of way to include children beyond the traditional flower girl or ring bearer roles.

Do you allow pictures during the ceremony?

Absolutely! Your photographer and/or videographer can shoot whenever and however they would like. We also offer our own photo & video services, which you can request for an additional fee.

Does the officiant stay for the reception?

Every couple chooses whether to invite their officiant and spouse/guest to the reception. It is not required. If you would like to invite your officiant, you can invite them directly and they will let you know if it’s possible for them to attend.

My family member or friend wants to perform our wedding.  Is that legal?

It is possible for someone who is not recognized as a religious or state official to officiate a wedding under certain rules that vary per each state we operate in. These include registrations, preparations that the officiating relative or friend must go through, as well as special marriage licenses that must be issued.

At Weddings by reverie, we offer coaching services for non-officiants, which are included in some of our packages (starting with the 1.5 Carat Package). This includes in-person and virtual meetings where we will explain everything needed to properly officiate a wedding, as well as assistance at a wedding rehearsal. Futhermore, in order to make this process as simple and streamlined as possible, we will take care of all special legal procedures and licenses, besides the regular ones.

However, we still encourage you to hire a professional wedding officiant, as we have had several last minute requests due to relatives/friends cancelling at the last minute. If you are in urgent need of an officiant, please call us at (800) 615-0359 or send us an email to info@weddingsbyreverie.com with “URGENT” in the subject.

All of our officiants are experienced and prepared to provide you with the wedding ceremony of your dreams. Also, Weddings by reverie will make sure you have an officiant on the day of your celebration. Any wedding officiant will tell you that it’s not as easy as it looks! 

How do we book you?

For the time being, simply contact us to check our availability for your date. When you are ready to speak with an officiant, we will match you with someone on our team. After meeting if you want to book your officiant, request a contract. Simply sign the contract digitally, make your payment and you’re all set!

What if I have more questions?

Please reach out to us at info@weddingsbyreverie.com.