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Why Choose Us?

Love anywhere anytime.

Whether your wedding is large or small, our team of experts can provide the direction you need to have the wedding of your dreams.
Our track record for consistency, service, and expertise help make your reveries a reality. Now that you have chosen to wed the love of your life, we want to be a part of making that dream come true.
Your wedding day will be the most magical day of your life thus far; and it should be personal, beautiful, and memorable.

What we offer


Ceremony Services


Wedding Ceremonies

At Weddings by Reverie, we think that no two couples are alike. So, their ceremonies shouldn’t be, either!

Our trusted group of wedding officiants have the experience, expertise, and passion to help you create the engaging, personal and memorable wedding ceremony of your dreams that you, your family and guests will always remember. Each of our officiants provides you a unique ceremony, professionally delivered wedding ceremonies.

We have over a decade of outstanding service and experience. We are here to help you begin the exciting process of planning your wedding, and we would be honored to be part of the most essential component: your ceremony.

We’ve created an extraordinarily easy and enjoyable system for creating your perfect wedding ceremony, and we’re both privileged and proud to provide our services to all couples. Your guests will always remember how your wedding ceremony was so unique and ideal for you, and with one of our officiants, you’ll have the wedding ceremony of your dreams!


Especially for you ♥


Coordinators & Planners

In the first flush of joy after your engagement, you probably began browsing wedding websites, social media sites like Pinterest, and magazines. If you soon felt buried by a blizzard of checklists and a daunting array of decisions, you and your fiancé might want to think about hiring a professional wedding planner or coordinator.

Depending on your budget and needs, you can contract:

  • a full-service planner to arrange every detail,
  • someone to assist you only in choosing your wedding location and vendors,
  • a day-of coordinator.

Our process always begins with getting to know you. We aim to be the ones who help you plan the wedding of your dreams. We offer event planning and design services specializing in weddings. With experience executing high-level events, we combine logistical expertise with effortlessly chic designs. Our events are layered with decor elements that fit your theme/style, when combined, create a cohesive and impactful design.

At the core of our service is a belief that your event should be as unique as you and your story. Leaving your guests with memorable, and sensory experiences, that will stand the test of time.

Meet our team

Our officiants and collaborators are always at your disposal to make your wedding day the best!







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